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BIM Projects

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Pearl Health City Project of Kish

The first and largest green health city (use of renewable and environmental energy)

Offshore Bank Project

The establishment of offshore banks is a law that was proposed 20 years ago and is foreseen for free zones, and its supervision is assigned to the Central Bank.

Offshore literally means anything related to the offshore and the sea, but from a commercial point of view, it means moving from one place to another in order to reduce costs and increase profits.

Chabahar Gold City Project

The wide market of gold and ornaments caused the regional project of the city of gold to be proposed and the necessary plans to be made.

1- Existence of virgin mines of precious stones in the region

2- Neighborhood with the main consumer countries of this product

3- Access to open waters of the world

4- Access to the big markets of Central Asia, Caucasus, India

5- Creating high employment in the region