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BIM Commercial Development Company

Investing in real estate is one of the most attractive areas for investors. Due to the importance of commercial and residential properties in urban life in recent years, this area has always had the necessary attractions and as one of the most specialized areas of investment, it has been considered by the activists of various economic sectors, especially investment companies.

BIM Commercial Construction Development and Investment Company, as an economic entity which is active in the field of construction industry, while conducting specialized and in-depth studies in the field of real estate, developed a comprehensive plan for an effective and active presence in this sector, and based on the results of the studies, capital Investing in several projects is on the agenda. Diversification of the portfolio of construction projects and participation in residential, commercial, tourism, service and special building construction projects is considered as a key point in the investments of this company.

It is hoped that by relying on the God and based on the expertise and experiences of colleagues, in fields such as:

  • Defining suitable construction projects in the framework of technical and economic results

  • Carrying out executive operations and building projects within the framework of effective management processes and in accordance with the latest technical and technological knowledge of the construction industry.

  • Sale and assignment of construction products in the form of new methods of sales engineering and after-sales service system.

And of course we will continue the path of growth and development of our economic activities

BIM Company

Team Members

Dr. Mohammadi


Mr. Mojtaba Lotfi Faranghi

Member of the Board

Dr. Abuzar Shahperi

Chairman of the Board

Our Activities

BIM commercial construction development and investment company

The main activity of BIM commercial construction development and investment company is implementation and construction of residential, office, commercial towers, tourism-tourist, recreation complexes, hospitals and service and welfare centers, urban and settlement construction, villa construction. Using world-class knowledge and experts, investors and engineers from Spain, China and our beloved country Iran for the development by standardize using BIM building information modeling in the design and construction of towers and high-rise apartments in the international arena in the industry. The building is built.


Specialist engineers

Modern equipment and science of the construction industry

Real estate and participation in construction

Pearl Health City of Kish

Golden city of Chabahar

Our Projects

Our Latest Projects

Due to our expertise and experience in investment-design-supervision and implementation of various projects.


BIM international holding is hiring:

in Iran: 
Tehran, Gilan, KIsh, Qeshm, Mazandaran, Karaj, Chabahar, Arak
in UAE:
Dubai, Abu Dhabi
in Turkey:
Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Analia
8 female civil engineer
8 male civil engineer
8 male/female HSE engineer
30 female accountant
10 female financial manager
10 female administrative office manager
10 female secretary
30 sales expert
10 sales manager
10 female servant
15 male driver
15 male guard
5 female translator for each English, Arabic, Chinese, German languages 
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